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Mount Alban

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Ready to go for miles, the original Nordblim is a boot that is designed for the demands of everyday life both in the city and on those off-road terrain, thus versatile and simple.

Handmade in Mexico
Kevlar blend laces
Versatile design


Comfort is a priority for us, the nordblim original boot mounts comfort-pro technology, it is an internal design to generate greater comfort in the most critical areas such as the ankle, heel and instep.
The stormwelt construction increases the water resistance capacity that, together with the waterproofed leather, gives us a very high level of impermeability and perspiration.
The non-slip hooks and grommets and heavy-duty laces made of a Kevlar / nylon blend are built to last.
It has the ACTIVE NIMBUS system in its internal insole that provides unique and fresh comfort.
It has a Texon® plant with a percentage of recycled materials that allow a comfortable and relaxed fit, the steel shank offers stability.
It has a recycled leather midsole that increases durability and shock absorption capacity when walking.
This boot has a top quality thermoplastic outsole that provides excellent traction on wet or dry surfaces and on various terrains.


Each of our boots is named after the beauty of Mexico. The Zapotec city of Monte Albán has been known by many names of various peoples throughout its history, including the "Monte de las Piedras Precious" and the "Monte Verde". Distributed throughout the mountains of the Oaxaca Valley, the ruins of this important city are a testament to those who lived long ago and laid the foundations of the culture of Mexico for generations. Today, you can still visit the Main Square. Climb the grand staircase, pass the carved stone monuments and feel the ancestral Zapotec heritage for a moment. As you gaze at the hills that stretch around, imagine the temples and residences that stood for thousands of years in this place, in the middle of a bustling city.Monte Albán is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Monument Zone Mexican Archeology.


SHELL (external construction)
Vegetable and chrome tanned leather, waterproofed.
LINER (lining)
Whole natural vegetable tanned horse lining
MIDSOLE (midsole)
Recycled leather
SOLE (sole)
Top quality leather and thermoplastic
EYELETS (passes tapes)
Pass old brass tapes
LACES (laces)
190 cm Kevlar blend

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